John & Paula's Daylilies

This is a presentation we gave at the ODS meeting in Nov. 2007. After 15 years of hybridizing, we have finally reached the point where we can sell some of our varieties. We are in the process of registering some of them this year, 2008. Some are not yet registered and the names listed are just for garden reference only. We may change the names as they are registered. The sizes and bud counts will not likely change - unless they get a lot bigger in our newly worked gardens. The year listed in the photographs is the year the seed was collected and planted. The first of each group of photos show the parentage - showing our choice to work with northern hardy plants as the beginnings, and slowly mix in Florida fancy varieties, producing the vigorous, hardy varieties we have.

Some are not yet ready for sale - not enough plants.

Following are the slides from my recent presentation at the Ontario Daylily Society showing some of our varieties and their parentage - please note that simple, hardy, nursery plants are the main ancestors for most of our plants.

Some More - without parentage references

Some Diploids

A Hollyhock that has been rust-free for two years!
It may be resistant or not exposed to rust,
but all previous hollyhocks grown here have suffered from severe rust.

This plant is not for sale, but we have many seeds available from it.

Some Garden Shots

Planting 2006 Seedlings, June 18, 2007

The Garden at Lowbanks, August, 2007